Chris Berens – Dreams In Pixels

Chis Berens is something completely incredible.  Looking at his paintings, you can easily say they are digital, but no, they’re not. His large number of art works, depicting this fantastical melange of people with… Continue reading

Fulvio Di Piazza – Anthropomorphized Nature

When I have first seen the works of this fine Sicilian artist, Fulvio Di Piazza, I was almost sure they were digitalized.  As it turns out, the great images he creates are oil… Continue reading

Alexander Jansson – Whimsical Illustrations

Alexander Jansson is a graphic designer and illustrator who was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. His work looks similar with Tim Burton’s, with fuzzy characters and stylized buildings, all with a dark,… Continue reading

Matei Apostolescu – Brightness and Intricate Detail

Matei Apostolescu is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who currently lives in Bucharest, Romania. I decided to dedicate him this post not because he is Romanian (as am I), but because his art, precision… Continue reading

Kris Kuksi – Apocalyptic Sculptures made from Dead Toys

We are about to get into something darker and mysterious. Kris Kuksi’s sculptures bring to the eye the imagery of a tormented, mechanical existence, filled with fear, gods, rigid machinery, pipes and dark and macabre… Continue reading

Greg “Craola” Simkins – Monster Wonderland

I would like to invite us all to trip for a moment into the rabbit hole, where the unreal rule along with the reality. Here, in the absolutely extraordinary paintings made by Greg… Continue reading

Nicolas Obery – Fantasmagorika

Nicolas Obery is a French Art director who shows also stunning skills in the graphic design and digital art field.  His series of digital creations called “Fantasmagorika” show an impressively detailed vision, creating… Continue reading

Jacques de Beaufort – Shamanistic and Alchemical Art

Jacques de Beaufort is a painter and a College Professor who currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.  What is interesting about his work is the fact that his paintings are like a… Continue reading

Nagai Hydeiuky – 3D Illusionary art work

So, today I ran over this young artist from Japan, Nagai Hideyuki. He is only 21 years old and creates some fascinating drawings.  Apparently he uses a technique called anamorphosis to create 3D… Continue reading

Antoine Roegiers – The seven deadly sins

Dark room, seven tv screens and eerie music playing in the background. There, on the screens, I saw Pieter Bruegel’s “Seven Deadly Sins” magically moving. Instead of just seeing the still drawings and… Continue reading